Are you looking for a specific dogs with unique properties? Please let us know!

Dutch Police dogs is serving on request of customer. There are several options:

-        Green dogs

-        Single purpose (fetching)

-        Dual purpose (fetching / biting)

-        Certified dogs

Once we agreed all needed requirements, our qualified trainer will work out these specific topics to finalize the dogs and meeting the request of the customer. 

On request, we are able to supply:

-        Dogs specialized in finding / tracking narcotic substances

-        Dogs specialized in explosive substances

‘personal protection’

The dogs which we supply are trained and very suitable for companies, institutions and individuals (privat). We also offer dogs which are OK for family life with children. Those dogs are trained for personal protection. There are a lot of possibilities. We first work out the exact requirements with the customer, before the dogs will be specific trained.

Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us